No news IS Good News!!!!!

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Friends and Family far and wide – your prayers and loving energy are whipping up some mighty miracles for our mighty warrior and we wanted to let you all know Will’s marrow biopsy results have made him eligible for BMT!!!

We’ve been sitting on this news since Monday evening in order to take the much needed time to breathe and digest.  We’ve also required time to meet with the BMT team and get educated on what BMT means for Mister Will and our family.  Because his leukemia has been so aggressive and due to the evidence (albeit small, only 1%) of leukemia still in his body, Will’s path is atypical from the standard of care with a little more intensity and a much more aggressive timeline.

So, we have pressed play and Will has started receiving chemotherapy this morning to condition him for transplant.  The risks are a bit higher for him as his body has not had a chance to heal from the last round of chemo and the conditioning chemo is a bigger, nastier version of what he’s already received.  Today is day negative eight.  Tomorrow is day negative seven.  And so on….Day Zero he will receive the vital healthy cells from his big brother, Stathi.  The days leading up to that day will be challenging and so we take it, as always, one day at a time.  He has an exceedingly skilled and loving team caring for him and the power of the universe and God and the love from his ever-expanding circle bolstering up all effort to get him through this.

Thank you for continuing to love on us and stay tuned!!!


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Will’s Stuff

While in treatment Will was often confined to his hospital room. In order to satisfy his creative and entrepreneurial nature he opened up a little online clothing business featuring his own designs. Soon after he began donating portions of his own proceeds to childhood cancer charities and in in this spirit we have kept the store open and ALL proceeds now go directly to WillStrong Foundation. Shop with purpose and help us help others!