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The WillStrong Foundation is seeking funding partners to continue to drive funds toward much-needed research.


WillStrong, in collaboration with Children’s Hospital Colorado, supports projects that will bring the most pressing treatments forward as quickly as possible. WillStrong will continue to identify projects that have the most potential to unlock new treatment options. Funding includes grants to bench scientists, sponsoring clinical trials, off-setting costs for equipment and lab supplies, funding personnel among other needs to keep moving advances forward. We strive to help bring results from the lab to the clinic and beyond.

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Where your donation goes

The WillStrong Cancer Foundation supports much-needed research in pediatric acute myeloid leukemia. We have teamed up to support the efforts of world-class researchers at Children’s Hospital Colorado on the Anchutz Campus in Aurora, Colorado. Our special partnership allows for WillStrong to make dedicated donations to directly support the needs of the team who are diligently working on and making strides in blood cancer research.

WillStrong is volunteer run and we promise to take care of your donation and make every penny count. We have much respect for each and every donation made and strive to have each dollar have an impact.

Research and Clinical Trials

Traditional chemotherapy destroys all the cells in the body and for young people the effects can be devastating to still developing bodies. Worse yet, for some kids and some cancers chemotherapy simply doesn’t work. Research in immunotherapy, whereby one own’s immune system becomes the best weapon in the fight against cancer, is critical for better survival overall.

Dr. Winters

WillStrong will initially focus on supporting the work of Amanda Winters, MD, PhD, who specializes in the treatment of leukemias and lymphomas, as well as pre-cancerous bone marrow diseases. Dr. Winters began her work in the research lab of Dr. Craig Jordan, a world-renowned expert on AML and leukemia stem cells. Dr. Winters pioneered the development of droplet digital PCR (ddPCR) for disease monitoring in AML patients and has expanded laboratory investigations of targeted therapies.

Dr. Winters’ long-term research goals are to more accurately identify patients who carry low-level AML in their bone marrow so they can get further treatment, and to develop more effective and less toxic therapy options for AML patients (adult and pediatric). At present only about less than 60% of younger AML patients survive their diagnosis and many with life-long health challenges and some with life-limiting issues that arise from their original treatment for AML.

Children’s Hospital Colorado

Children’s Hospital Colorado is the only pediatric cancer center in the Rocky Mountain region. CHCO is one of the top children’s hospitals in the nation. Located adjacent to the University of Colorado and School of Medicine, CHCO is part of a unique collaboration between some of the best physician scientists/research facilities in the country.

Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders

The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders (CCBD) at Childrens is ranked among the top 10 best pediatric oncology programs in the country. Their experts provide clinical care to more than 1,500 patients a year. The team at the CCBD is committed to a convergence of collaboration to bring better therapies to young cancer patients.

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