WillStrong Cancer Foundation Impact in 2020

WSCF donated $100,000 in direct support of Dr. Amanda Winters work.

This amount includes purchasing highly specialized equipment that allows Dr. Winters to accelerate her research in various ways, among them the ability to detect the lowest level of disease in patients that allow for prediction of relapse. Additionally, Dr. Winters, in collaboration with other leukemia doctors at CCBD, will work to develop further tests to monitor the presence of CAR-T (chimeric antigen receptors, a cellular therapy used to treat leukemia and lymphoma patients) in patients which can signal relapse.

Further, our donation funds a clinical trial developed by Dr. Winters to test new drug combinations in the treatment of myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) which, if not controlled, always develops into AML in children that is particularly difficult to cure (as was the case with Will).

 The summary above is simply a snapshot of how our initial donation impacts and supports the work being done at Children’s Hospital Colorado. This initial donation is not going to help “someday” but rather “right now” and our ability to engage at such a meaningful level is all thanks to our generous donors!

2020 was certainly full of twists and turns for us all. Please know how much your support means to us at WillStrong as we enable research to bring more curative therapies to young blood cancer patients. We hope you stay engaged in our mission to fulfill Will’s wish that kids like him have more effective treatments and hope for a cure in the future.