Reality of Childhood Cancer

Every 2 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer worldwide.

Cancer is the #1 killer of kids by disease in the United States

One in approximately 265 kids will be diagnosed with childhood cancer by the time they turn 20

Today alone 46 kids will be diagnosed with cancer and today 7 will die

Worldwide every 2 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer


Less than 4% of national cancer research funding goes toward childhood cancer research

The rest relies on philanthropic giving


1 in 5 diagnosed with cancer will not survive their diagnosis

Of those who do 95% have chronic health conditions and up to 80% will have severe or life-limiting conditions as a result of their treatment


Childhood cancers are their own, complex set of diseases that require specialized treatment options to target the unique drivers of their cancer. Advances in childhood cancer research can also benefit older adults diagnosed with cancer; sadly, the opposite is not often true. Treatments designed for adults are NOT as effective in younger cancer patients and the side effects of these archaic treatments can leave kids with devastating life-long and life-limiting issues. Kids deserve better!


The time is now to deliver more precise medicine to our younger population diagnosed with cancer. Treatments for childhood cancer are archaic, developed for use in adults and often ineffective in younger patients. There are strategic projects already in the pipeline that rely on private foundations like WillStrong to bring them to clinical trial and beyond.


Kids are the future and we need to invest in them at every level, including cancer research, because the harsh reality is too many young people are losing their lives to this disease.

We invite you to be #WillStrong and be strong for a cure!

Let’s grow together

As we grow our reach we strive to advance the movement to have kids get their fair share of national funding for cancer research.

We appreciate your support so very much and with each donation and good turn, we will keep Will’s fighting spirit alive.

Be #WillStrong for a Cure!

Will’s Stuff

While in treatment Will was often confined to his hospital room. In order to satisfy his creative and entrepreneurial nature he opened up a little online clothing business featuring his own designs. Soon after he began donating portions of his own proceeds to childhood cancer charities and in in this spirit we have kept the store open and ALL proceeds now go directly to WillStrong Foundation. Shop with purpose and help us help others!