April 18, 2019

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Sometimes there are no adequate words to post an update that authentically sums up Will’s journey.  There is just churning emotion ranging from panic to hope to fear to gratitude.  Tonight that is certainly the case….

I’m with my son, we are quietly spending time in his room – he is dozing on and off due to the narcotics he is on for his pain.  The sun has set and the night unfolds a million tiny lights across the landscape of our window; I am struck by how peaceful it seems as the energy of the day starts to wane.  The dawn will summon a day that brings far too much so I continue to glance at the clock in hopes that somehow time has stopped and we can just stay suspended like characters in a diorama. But tomorrow will come and at 9:30a Will undergoes a bone marrow biopsy – the results of which are so weighty the mere thought of it leaves me flayed and exposed.  So I turn my attention to my son and the day we have been fortunate enough to share.

And today was a very good day.  Will spent almost three hours outside with his new puppy, Ski Mask the Slump Dog (Ski Mask for short and it suits him to a ‘T”).  He has done the same the previous two days and it has been a joy to behold the two of them perfectly in tune and perfect for each other.  The simplicity of a boy and his dog sharing their love is hard to beat.

Ski Mask came to Will by way of three incredible women who likely don’t quite realize how they have impacted all of us.  I just want to leave a love note to each of them (the “Aunties” LU, Holli and Nicole) to let them know how deeply we appreciate their kindness.  Who knew this little corgi from Wyoming would be just the balm we ALL needed:)

When the sun rises tomorrow please say a prayer for our sweet Will-I-Am.  He has done his part, given his pound of flesh and surrenders to the knowledge that it is now out of his hands.  I struggle to do the same – I still want to negotiate, offer myself up instead, turn over stone after stone after stone but I know it is not really my choice.  I know if I don’t loosen the grip a little I will miss the moments.  Because of him I see the beauty in the rain, because of him I know that I can bear the weight of mountains on what feel like matchsticks and because of him I am not scared but rather filled with the gift of peace with a dash of hope on the side.

In the meantime bear with us as we await results and update when appropriate.  We thank you all for your continued love and we return it to you in spades.


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