A Warrior’s Finish

by | Feb 18, 2020 | 0 comments

Our sweetest boy and brave warrior, Will, has laid down his sword to fly among the angels. Quite simply, he was the strongest person I’ve ever known and I have been honored to be by his side throughout. We imagine he is now in heaven, sipping pineapple juice with his “Yia Yia Yia Yia” Georgia. We will miss him something fierce but he will always be our beloved and mighty son and brother. Our prayers have been answered and he can finally rest easy. Forever 15 and forever loved.


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Will’s Stuff

While in treatment Will was often confined to his hospital room. In order to satisfy his creative and entrepreneurial nature he opened up a little online clothing business featuring his own designs. Soon after he began donating portions of his own proceeds to childhood cancer charities and in in this spirit we have kept the store open and ALL proceeds now go directly to WillStrong Foundation. Shop with purpose and help us help others!