Mister Will goes live

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Happy Friday to you all – hope you’ve all survived the first week of “Fall Back” which tends to throw me off for at least a week…by 4:30p I’m reaching for a wine glass but then glancing at the clock and thinking I better wait a tad for appearances sake.  Of course the only ones watching are the hounds, Mohawk and Stokeley and they’ve offered to keep their mouths shut if I agree to fill their food bowls a little earlier, too.  So we have our understanding and we all lean into the pace of the approaching season.

This is not much of an update but rather just a share of a little news story that aired Thursday evening.  Will is adorable and cool as a cucumber in the spotlight.  On the other hand I, after seeing myself on the “big screen”, will be considering botox.  But the real message here is that we are surrounded by a seemingly endless well of support and love.  Our community is comprised of super heroes who stepped up when asked and by doing so, helped countless kids at Children’s Hospital in honor of Will.  Tune in!  And no matter where you are – if you are able to donate blood products, please consider making a habit of it – you can literally save someone’s life!


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Will’s Stuff

While in treatment Will was often confined to his hospital room. In order to satisfy his creative and entrepreneurial nature he opened up a little online clothing business featuring his own designs. Soon after he began donating portions of his own proceeds to childhood cancer charities and in in this spirit we have kept the store open and ALL proceeds now go directly to WillStrong Foundation. Shop with purpose and help us help others!